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It’s like ELSA but for learning”


MeLSA training will give the knowledge and practical skills to help a key member of staff in school investigate children and young people's learning skills. MeLSAs will be trained to set learning targets bespoke to the learner they are working with. MeLSAs can track progress and use this information to adjust support for the learner. MeLSAs may work: individually with a child or young person on a specific learning skill; in small groups where children or young people share a similar learning need, or where the input of one child or young person may help the others; with most of the class, giving the teacher time to work with children or young people who need more help. MeLSA’s are trained in how to help a child or young person become an independent learner.


MeLSA’s learn mediating learning skills to help them work with children and young people across 6 full day training sessions and (4 group supervision sessions). The training days include the following topics:


  • Mindset
  • Memory
  • Thinking about thinking
  • Recall
  • Maths
  • Literacy

Mediated Learning Support Assistants (MeLSA)

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