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Services Currently Available

Mosaic Psychology offer a variety of services for Early Years settings, schools, academies and secondary schools. We also work with Multi-Academy Trusts to support a consistent model of Educational Psychology service delivery.


As qualified Educational and Child Psychologists, we offer a range of services working with individual children and young people, as well as working at a wider level supporting organisations.

We offer a Service Level Agreement (SLA) where settings are able to outline how much time they anticipate they will need across a financial/academic year.

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Problem Solving Together

Consultations with key adults who are closely involved in a child or young person's life enables us to collaboratively problem solve and it is a key part of our work as Educational Psychologists. This can also include consulting with vulnerable groups of students including those who are Looked After by the Local Authority, children with sensory impairments as well as children with neurodevelopmental difficulties. Through this process we work together to reflect and consider possible ways to move forward. This work may also include liaising and attending meetings with multi-agency professionals.

Kids Playing with Lego


Visiting Children and Young People in their Everyday Environment

Observing children and young people in their everyday environment is a key part of our assessment. This may include observing the child or young person at home or within their educational environment. Observations are a helpful assessment tool in order to explore the way in which a child or young person communicates and responds to their environment. Educational Psychologists are then able to consider how psychological theory and research can be applied in order to interpret these observations and to focus on the child or young person's strengths and difficulties. 

Individual Assessment

Direct Work with Children and Young People


Direct work with children and young people in order to explore their strengths and difficulties further, as well as gaining their views. We typically offer assessments in the following areas:

  • Social, Emotional and Mental Health (inc. behaviour)

  • Cognition and Learning (inc. assessing literacy and maths difficulties) 

  • Social, Communication and Interaction (inc. assessments in consultation with other professionals where required)

  • General Developmental Overview for children with a range of medical needs, including developmental delays

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Therapeutic Interventions

Supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing

Supporting children and young people's mental health and emotional wellbeing using a number of therapeutic approaches including Cognitive Behavioural Approaches, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Personal Construct Psychology. Therapeutic interventions may also be offered and delivered with groups of young people and/or with their parents/carers. For example a 'Coping with Worries' intervention and parent coaching work. Other specialist interventions may include Video Interaction Guidance (VIG).



Supporting at a Wider School Level

Bespoke training packages tailored to the needs of your setting. Training can be offered face to face or online using video technology. Examples of training we have experience of delivering include; Emotion Coaching, Attachment and Trauma, Autism Spectrum Condition (sometimes referred to as ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), various aspects of mental health and wellbeing, supporting young people with literacy difficulties, Precision Teaching and Lego Based Therapy. 

Adult Education Course
Open Notebook

Systemic Work

Organisational Change

Bringing about change at a systemic level to support your needs as an organisation. A key part of this work may include research and evaluation. This work may include:

  • Developing school behaviour/relationships policies.

  • Providing staff supervision and drop in sessions

  • Needs led training and whole school development of provision 

  • Using Video Enhanced Reflective Practice (VERP) to support staff development

  • Staff/Parent coaching also available upon request

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